Trinity Student Ministry has a vision that “through relationships, through discipleship, through love – we raise up a generation of ACTIVE Christ following students. That we Impact the lives of students who don’t know Christ so that HE can change them from the inside out. To walk through life 1 on 1 with students to assist in spiritual maturity and to raise up leaders who will reach out to their community and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Welcome to Trinity Student Ministry! My name is Brian Kimball and I am the Student Pastor here at Trinity Baptist Church. My family and I moved here in January of 2014, following God’s calling to minister to the students in Mount Pleasant. I am called to introduce students to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through discipleship and the teaching of God’s Word, as well as equipping them to engage and influence the world around them. I believe that the best way to accomplish this goal is through the establishment of relationships with Students and their parents both inside the church and out in the community. I believe the best way to accomplish this is through the passionate proclamation of God’s Word, and continual reliance upon the Spirit to draw students to salvation. I believe wholeheartedly that in order for revival to come to this community, it will start right here with these students. I would love to have you partner with us as we carry out this great co-mission in spreading the love of Christ to our community!

Restored IN Him,

Brian Kimball
Student Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church