Our High School Students connect in homes on Wednesday Nights. We call these groups, Cell Groups. A cell group is a student-led small group that focuses on reaching the lost. Think of the cells that are a part of your body. The cell is the functional basic unit of life. Since you were born, the cells in your body have been multiplying, helping you grow into who you are now. In the same way, a cell group’s life is built on the idea that it will give life to another cell group. Healthy things grow.

Host Home Addresses:

Kessler Home
426 Greenhill Park Ave.
Mt. Pleasant TX 75455

Cell Group Leader – Christina Kessler
Cell Group Co-Leader – Molli Dorsey
Adult Leader – Mike Kessler

Moody Home
1957 CR 4330
Omaha TX 75571

Cell Group Leader – Carley Moody
Cell Group Co-Leader – Will Phillips
Adult Leader – Jerry and Deanna Moody

Dorsey Home
413 Rosewood St.
Mt. Pleasant TX 75455

Cell Group Leader – Maci Dorsey
Cell Group Co-Leader – Tessa Land, AshLynn Burns
Adult Leader – Robert and Candye Dorsey

Jackson Home
2704 Silver Spring Trail
Mt. Pleasant TX 75455

Cell Group Leader – LaDarius Patterson
Cell Group Co-Leader – Kenny Phillips
Adult Leader – Jeff and Amy Jackson