A person who desires to join Trinity Baptist Church may do so in any of these ways:

  • By profession of faith in Jesus Christ and for believer’s baptism by.
  • By transfer of membership from another Baptist church, having
  • already professed faith in Jesus Christ and having been baptized
  • by immersion.
  • By statement of prior conversion and baptism by immersion in a
  • church which practices believer’s baptism.
  • By proxy, when the one desiring membership, according to one of
  • the conditions above cannot be presented for valid reasons.

Trinity Baptist Church believes that the New Testament teaches that church membership is expressed in the following ways:

  •             Faithful participation in worship services
  •             Faithful participation in Bible Study or a small group
  •             Regular and generous giving to support the church’s ministry,
  •             recognizing the tithe (10%) as a guideline for giving
  •             Meaningful service to the Lord and to others through the exercise
  •             of spiritual gifts and abilities
  •             Ministry to others in Christian love