Bait and Switch

Jesus came to fulfill the law with Grace!  We are saved by grace and not by works.  Jesus said that our “righteousness” must surpass the “righteousness” of the Scribes and Pharisees.  Their perspective was one of works, legalism , the do’s and don’ts.  Jesus gives us a new righteousness empowered by the Holy Spirit!  Outward physical sin seems to always have a spiritual root.  The religious leaders focused on appearances but Jesus says we need to focus on the heart.  We must be ruthlessly proactive to make sure we realize that Satan uses a bait and switch method to get us off track when it comes to spirituality.  He presents us with an enticing opportunity called temptation and he does his best to make sure we are only allured and that we don’t consider the cost of giving in to the temptation!  He presents it as attractive but the results are fatal.  We are lead to destruction.  So we take extreme measures to fight against these derailments.  The abundant life is one of thinking about the consequences so we can live in love, joy and peace!


Please stay in constant prayer for Dr. Joel Chapman and the team of 9 people who are going on a Medical Mission Trip to Honduras.  This will be the first year the group will work out of their new facility that many of you helped pay for in generosity!   What a blessing!   The group leaves tomorrow September 30th and will return Saturday October 7th!  We look forward to hearing what the Lord does!


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