Part II The Teachings of Jesus – More Blessed Joy

So great to have everyone returning after a good summer!  Our two worship styles (8:30 Celebration 11:00 Modern) went great!  One of our older members commented to me today that she went to both and liked them!  So appreciate all the extra work Daniel is willing to do in order to give us some options on reaching more for Christ!  We had 431 in Worship last week and I expect even more this week with school being in full swing!  Last night the facilities were full of laughter and Joy as our Children and Students were gathered for Worship, Discipleship and Children’s Choir!  We baptized one student and another was saved!  Great things are happening!

This Sunday  we will continue our study of the Teachings of Jesus with the second grouping of the eight beatitudes.  The first four are about our relationship with God.  The second four are about our relationship with each other.  We learned last week that happiness based on circumstances or the chances and changes of life is not the goal.  Joy is the goal not based on any circumstances but based on our humble submission to God and denial of self.  See you Sunday as we come to understand how to” love your neighbor as yourself!”



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