Multiply: Living the Mission

In the same way that God gave Jesus a Mission in the world to save us.  We have the mission from Jesus to tell people the good news of God’s grace!  When we all tell the work is multiplied!  We share the good news in the power of the Holy Spirit as witnesses from Mt Pleasant, Titus County to all over the World!  We tell our stories on how God has saved and enriched our life!  Life is a mission trip and we must live that mission until the mission is complete!  See you Sunday as we keep telling the good news!


Our first group of Community Life Group leaders completed their training on Wednesday night.  Over the next few months new groups will be forming in homes for outreach and growth.  We expect to need to be constantly starting new groups.  Will you pray about leading a group or hosting a group in your house?  There will be future opportunities for more leadership training on this exciting opportunity!  Please call Jeff Julian (9035630504)  if you would like to know more about community Life groups.  Community Life Groups meet in homes each week for fellowship, food, fun, prayer, bible study, and just to do life together.  Great things are happening!



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