Worship: Giving God Pleasure

God created us for His enjoyment.  He loves us.  He wants us to love Him back!   This is what life is all about!  This is Worship and it is our highest priority!  It is focusing our attention on the Lord!  Expressing our affections to God and not other things!  It is using our abilities for the Lord!  The greatest temptation is to worship something other than God.  It is the root behind all our problems.  Worship is more than singing, so much more.  It is a lifestyle.  See you Sunday as We study this aspect of being People on Mission for God!

Speaking of being on mission for God, our Students are on mission in downtown Los Angeles!  They have been working with a mission that helps people with addiction.  This area called skid row is where there are about 60,000 people living on the streets.  The mission meets physical needs, and conducts chapel services everyday at 200 pm.  Our students are serving alongside the volunteers,  as well as, leading worship in the Chapel Service.  The team feels so safe and they are making a difference for Christ!  We look forward to seeing them back with us on Sunday!  Please keep praying for the group!

See you on Sunday!


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