Lessons in Gods School: Lesson #1 The Temptation Test

Contrary to popular belief, God is more concerned about our character than our comfort!  His goal, which should be our goal, is for us to become like Christ!  As a man, Jesus experienced every temptation that we do.  The difference is that He never sinned!  He always stayed in the will of God.  Recorded in the gospels is the account of Jesus’ most intense encounter with temptation.  The three temptations all came from the Devil, but were allowed by God.  As a man Jesus had available to Him everything that you and I have available to us!  He passed the test every time!  We can too!  In Gods school we don’t fail, we just get to keep taking the test until we pass it!  I want to be like Jesus and pass the tests caused by Satan, but allowed by God, the first time!  This Sunday we will study how to pass the Temptation Test and to stay in the will of God!  His way is the best way!  See you on Sunday!

It has been a busy summer, Sports Camp, Student Ministry Camps and Happy Birthday USA!  Thank you for using your gifts and your resources to glorify the Lord and to make disciples!  You are such a blessing to our community!  People comment to me all the time how much they appreciate all that you do in our City!  Mt Pleasant knows that we care!



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