It’s NOT too late for you!

I started to say it’s never too late but actually it can be.  If you die it could be too late or when the Rapture happens it could be too late.  But for you, if you are still here, it can’t be too late.  To sin means to miss the mark.  We miss the mark when it comes to doing the will of God.  If we are not careful we can get to thinking that we have run too far way or messed up too much.  Moses could have thought that.  In the heat of protecting an Israelite brother he killed an Egyptian.  He quickly became a man on the run!  He spent 40 years in hiding and at age 80 God called him to go back to Egypt to lead the people out of slavery.  He had been given this assignment 40 years before but he blew it.  He could have easily said no to this God given opportunity but instead he got into the presence of God and fulfilled his destiny!  How about you?  Have you been thinking it’s too late?  Have you  missed the mark a lot?  It’s not too late with God!  Go after it while you can!  You are alive and kicking!  Go pursue your purpose in God!  See you Sunday!


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