Courage when God calls!

God has a plan for our life!  He has an overall plan and He also has many plans in that plan.  Whatever His plan is it is the best!  You may feel things are not going very well.  You are not sure what God is up to.  You wonder why it seems He does not answer your prayers.  When God calls us He wants us to act in courage!  He knows this is a process and offers encouragement all along the way as we walk with Him in faith!  Whatever He calls us to do He equips us to do it!  Even the most courageous need added assurance from the Lord!  This Sunday we will look at Gideon and see how God encouraged Him along the tests of His call so that He lived out the prophecy proclaimed over Him Oh Mighty Warrior!  Let’s be mighty in God!


Last Sunday we congratulated Karen Oakerson for three years of outstanding leadership at Trinity in the areas of preschool and community involvement.  How thankful we are for Karen’s wisdom and compassion as she juggles the many assignments that come her way.  Karen and her parents started Trinity and Karen continues to champion and remind us that this Church is always about who is not here.  We must not ever become a Country Club where we maintain the contentment of Its members with no concern for the unreached people in our community!  We must be a Church committed to loving Jesus and Loving all people!    Karen thank you for all your work for the kingdom!  You are an asset to our entire family and community!  We so appreciate you!



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