Walking In The Spirit

Our students 7th through 12th grade will be studying “Walking in the Spirit” for Fully Loaded Weekend.  Thank you for praying for our Students, their leaders, the host homes and the opportunity to teach our students to operate in the fruits and gifts of the spirit rather than the fruit of the flesh.  This Sunday in both worship gatherings we will study this topic as well.  It is amazing thing to have God himself living in us!  It is so important to know how to walk in what we already have!  See you on Sunday!


Last Sunday Brain Dyke, Elder and Chairman of the Stewardship Committee shared with us the good news on our recent “Imagine More” Capital Stewardship Campaign.  I wanted to recap some of the figures for you;


Total cost of our current Real Estate and Facilities was $4,951,400 (1987-2010)

In 2010 our debt was $1,712,520

Our current Debt is $332,339

In only 7 years we have paid down our principal debt by $1,389,181!!!!


That is incredible!  Thank you for your generosity to the Lord through Trinity!  To God be the glory great things He has done!  I ask you now to pray that we finish the job as soon as possible!  I plan on continuing to designate monthly a gift toward the principal of this last small amount of debt.  My gifts will be beyond my tithe to the Budget.  Would you join me in this endeavor as well!?  It is so much fun to give to the Lord!  We will never ever out give Him!



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