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Ready.Set.Go. Fun Camp!

What kid doesn't like to have fun? Well, June 5th-8th, your kiddo will have the opportunity to have as much fun as possible at our Fun Camp in Dellwood Park. They don't have to be an extreme athlete to participate. We will have backyard games…

Merge Sign Up

It's not too late to sign your preteen up for our Merge discipleship weekend, that will take place April 28th-30th. Click on the link below, or swing by the church for a form. If you have any questions, call Dawna at: 903.563.0220. Registration…

Move Your Keister on Easter - 2017

April 15th, 2017@ 9am in Dellwood Park 5k or Family Stroll All proceeds benefit the Medical Mission Trip to Honduras Dr. Joel & Patty Chapman Contact Trinity for more info: 903.572.1959

Your past does not have to control your future!

We don't know much about her.  Every time she is mentioned in scripture she is described as a prostitute. She grew up in a pagan religion. She hid a couple of God's spies.  It was her faith that controlled her choice.  It was her actions…

It's NOT too late for you!

I started to say it's never too late but actually it can be.  If you die it could be too late or when the Rapture happens it could be too late.  But for you, if you are still here, it can't be too late.  To sin means to miss the mark.  We…
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Attention! Move your clock ahead 1 hour Saturday night and we will be on Holiday Schedule Sunday! : One Worship Gathering at 10:00 a.m.!

This Sunday will be at the front end of Spring Break.  We will all meet together for one Worship Gathering at 10;00 a.m.  There will be no Bible Study.  You also need to remember to move your clock ahead one hour Saturday night before…

The Courage to Obey God

t takes courage to obey God!  It is the wisest thing we can do but definitely not the easiest.  We often think our way is a better way.  Sometimes when we obey God it even involves pain, suffering and rejection.  So why succumb ourselves…

Courage when God calls!

God has a plan for our life!  He has an overall plan and He also has many plans in that plan.  Whatever His plan is it is the best!  You may feel things are not going very well.  You are not sure what God is up to.  You wonder why it…